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Shanghai SIPG Football Shirt

Shanghai SIPG is a professional football club  that participates in the Chinese Super League which is the highest division of professional football in China. The club is based in Xuhui Shanghai and was founded in 2005. It is one of the most successful clubs in the world, having won many matches. The Shanghai SIPG football clubs is one of the most valuable clubs in China with a club  value of $159 million. The Shanghai SIPG Football Club unites people from around the world. Supporters of the club wear the team’s kit to show their love and support. The team is very popular with supporters and fans ranging from all over the world. 

Shanghai SIPG  Home Shirt

The Shanghai SIPG home kit consists of a red shirt with red shorts and socks. The Shanghai SIPG home kit has consisted of similar colours over the years with changes being made to the design. The  clubs crest is black, red and gold and is very unique. The Shanghai SIPG home kits are very popular amongst supporters of the team. Previously the Shanghai SIPG home shirts have consisted of different designs, the current home shirt is all red with the logo of the kit manufacturer and the clubs crest. The manufacturer for the current home shirt is Nike.

Shanghai SIPG Away Shirt 

The Shanghai SIPG away shirt has had many changes made to it over the years whether that’s regarding the colour, the design or the crest. Previously the away shirts have consisted of colours such as white, red and black. The current away kit is white, red and black and is very popular amongst supporters. Supporters of the club wear the away kit to show their support to the team when they are playing matches away from home. The manufacturer for the most recent away kit is Nike. 

Shanghai SIPG Shirt History

The very first kits worn by the Shanghai SIPG football club were white and red. Over the years changes have been made to the home and away kits but the home kits have remained similar to the first kits worn by the team. Shanghai SIPG are known for their red and white kits. The first Shanghai SIPG shirts which were released to the public to purchase were very popular amongst supporters of the team. Over the years many well known businesses have manufactured kits for the Shanghai SIPG football club such as Nike. The current manufacturer for the Shanghai SIPG kits is also Nike.

Shanghai SIPG Training Kit

Shanghai SIPG Training Kits are amongst the popular items which supporters of the Shanghai SIPG  football club tend to purchase. The most popular colours for the training kit are red and black. There is a wide range of training kits and clothing in regards with the Shanghai SIPG football Club, here at World Football offers shirts,hoodies,training kits,trousers,shorts and many more items  for Shanghai SIPG supporters, so don't miss out on the greatest deals here at the World Football shop.

Shanghai SIPG Shirt Printing

The demand for shirt printing over the last couple of years has increased rapidly. Supporters of Shanghai SIPG from all over the world connect with the club by printing their favourite players name and number on the back of their shirts. This unites people from different countries and backgrounds to come together and celebrate their love and passion for the Shanghai SIPG Football club. Here at the World Football shop we offer authentic name and numbers for all past and present Shanghai SIPG stars and we also offer the option of printing names of people of your choice.