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Juventus Football Shirts

The Juventus football club was formed in 1897 by a group of Torinese students and was named the sport club Juventus but later went on to change their name to Juventus. The club has won 35 official league titles and is one of the biggest and most successful  clubs in the world. They have many wins under their belt such as 13 coppa Italia titles, eight supercoppa italiana titles,two international cups and two European cups. They have a joint national record of winning three UEFA Cups. The Juventus Football club is one of the most supported and loved clubs in the wold with fans and supporters ranging from different countries and backgrounds. The Juventus Football Club unites people from around the world.

Juventus  Home Shirt

Juventus have had their share of home shirts over the years. In the eighties when the team was founded their home kits consisted of a pink shirt but soon after was changed to black and white and ever since has remained the same with changes being made to the design. Over the years the Juventus FC has had many changes made to its kits whether its regarding it's positioning of the crest or the design. Currently Juventus wear a black, red and white home shirt with matching shorts and socks. Many supporters and fans also wear the black and white kit to show their support to the team when they are on the field. Juventus also include the name of their sponsors on their kits.Their first sponsor for the Juventus Kit  was Aristan. Since 2010 Fiat has been sponsoring the Juventus kits.

Juventus Away Shirt

Over the years Juventus has had a range of  away kits. The most popular away kits can be said to be the pink shirt, the most recent away kit for Juventus was a white and red shirt. The design for the away kits has been experimented on over the years. The sponsor for the most recent away kit is Fiat and has been working with Juventus since 2010. The away kit is manufactured by Adidas and has been working with Adidas since 2015. Many supporters of Juventus also wear the away kit to support the football club when they are playing away from home.

Juventus Shirt History

One of the very first kits worn by Juventus was pink and black and later was changed to black and white. The first Juventus shirts which were released to the public to purchase were manufactured by Kappa in 1979-2000. Lotto manufactured Juventus kits from 2000-2003, until Nike took over from 2003-2015. Adidas was then given a contract to manufacture kits for Juventus. Adidas is the current manufacturer for the Juventus kits.

Juventus Training Kit

Juventus Training Kits are amongst the popular items which supporters of the Juventus football club tend to purchase. The most popular colours for the training kit are purple and black. There is a wide range of training kits and clothing in regards with the Juventus football Club, here at World Football offers shirts,hoodies,training kits,trousers,shorts and many more items  for Juventus  supporters, so don't miss out on the greatest deals here at the World Football shop.

Juventus Shirt Printing

The demand for shirt printing over the last couple of years has increased rapidly. Supporters of the Juventus football club from all over the world connect with the club by printing their favourite players name and number on the back of their shirts. This unites people from different countries and backgrounds to come together and celebrate their love and passion for the Juventus Football club. Here at the World Football shop we offer authentic name and numbers for all past and present Juventus stars and we also offer the option of printing names of people of your choice.